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NAPA finds new Project Lead in industry veteran Neil Auchterlonie

The North Atlantic Pelagic Advocacy Group (NAPA) has appointed Neil Auchterlonie, an experienced consultant who has worked in the seafood sector and held a series of directorate roles across related industry organisations, as Project Lead

Working as a consultant across aquaculture, fisheries, and the seafood sector, Neil’s background also extends to roles in industry, government, and academia, affording him a unique, technical perspective that covers legislation, regulation and research across the seafood landscape. 

In recent years, he has worked at the nexus of government and industry in roles that have included the provision of advice and project and programme management around a broad spectrum of seafood issues. Immediately before becoming a consultant in 2020, Neil was Technical Director of the International Fishmeal and Fish Oil Organisation, a role that presented extensive experience in pelagic fisheries, their management, and the utilisation of fish products in global supply chains. As well as delivering work on a host of different seafood subjects, Neil’s consultancy role has seen him appointed to the position of Chair of the Seafood 2040 Programme in England, Director of MarinTrust, and Chair of the MarinTrust Improver Programme.

Neil is now utilising his experience of pelagic fisheries, the seafood supply chain, and his technical knowledge to take a key role in the leadership of the NAPA Group. Neil’s experience will aid NAPA in further advocating for the long-term, science-based management of North East Atlantic pelagic stocks. 

  • Date: June 22, 2023

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